E-commerce in Pakistan

Pakistan is the sixth-largest country in the world in terms of population, but economically it is lagging behind. There are many economic factors in Pakistan. But human resources are the most important and urgent focus in Pakistan.

The rapid development of technology has changed the world of today. These changes are new ways of doing business and employment. There is a need for Pakistan to take advantage of these new and new economic opportunities.

With the help of technology, human resources can be developed not only with the shortest time and the short term but also by the domestic economy.

The world of technology is like an ocean where there are new economic opportunities. However, online shopping or e-commerce is the fastest-growing business in these new economic opportunities. There are many types of e-commerce, just like any business. However, here we just want to point out a few benefits and key points of e-commerce.

The following are some of the benefits of e-commerce.

  1. Can be started with less capital.
  2. Can be started from home.
  3. The whole world can be your buyer.
  4. The online shop is open all the time.
  5. Can be done in any language

It’s almost impossible to cover the types of businesses on the Internet. What they think is possible. However, here, we are offering some examples of e-commerce for readers’ interest.

What is being done most in this regard is the apparel business. This is relatively easy, which is why competing with online sellers already in the apparel field can be tricky.

Selling gifts is also a lucrative business. However, it will require a large number of items to be successful so as not to disappoint any customer.

Baby items are also needed all the time, and a good and affordable online shop for parents can prove to be effective.

Household crafts, photographs, and handmade items can be easily sold through the Internet.

Locally selling homemade food, cakes, sweets, etc. through the Internet can be a great source of income for women and women who cannot go out of work for some reason.

In short, anyone can become part of the Internet business world, depending on their strengths and expertise. However, just as advice and consideration are essential before every job, just before doing business on the Internet, every good and bad aspect has to be reviewed, and advice from an experienced person is very important.

The reasons for e-commerce failure can be varied. But the following reasons are the most important.

Wrong plan

Where there are numerous benefits to the Internet, its greatest advantage is the availability of information and access to every single thing common to it. Based on this flow of information, untrustworthy advertising and the success of others, most people set up an online shop without researching and planning and realize that the launch of an online shop on the Internet will make them successful within a few months. Will But that doesn’t happen, and they soon lose courage.

Unaware of business

The most important aspect of planning is knowing the work done on the online shop. If you are already familiar with the task, your chances of success on the Internet are also increased, and the desired results can be obtained quickly.

Lack of advertising

Business people are aware of the importance of advertising. But the majority of those who open an online shop on the Internet are newborns who have no prior business experience. Therefore, they do not understand the importance of advertising and do not invest in advertising which results in their online shop not competing with other shops.


Product quality and honesty are the most important in the online shop. Once the customer’s trust is restored, he or she does not return, but once the customer is satisfied, he or she automatically advertise the store and recommends the same to others.